Thomas Catlin, born in 1979 in Cape Town, South Africa. Thomas embarked on his artistic journey with a B.A. Fine Arts degree at Stellenbosch University before venturing out to explore the world. After two years of study, Thomas felt the pull of wanderlust and set off to travel throughout Europe. During his travels, he worked various jobs, including stints as a bartender and artists’ model at the Royal College of Art in London.
Returning to Cape Town, Thomas’s artistic style leaned towards figurative and slightly realistic representations, with a particular fondness for landscapes and still life. While he respects abstract art, he finds his inspiration in the tangible world around him. His dedication to his craft has been recognized through his participation in art competitions such as the New Sasol Artists Competition, where he reached the finals in Johannesburg in 2016, and the Belleville Library Young Upcoming Artists Awards, where he achieved third place in 2017.