is Helen van Stolk’s fifth solo exhibition, and fourth solo exhibition with AITY Gallery.

This collection’s fully immersive large scale presence invites us in with open arms.

With fascination and enchantment, van Stolk’s external tangible world is woven into her work and alchemised with her internal thoughts.

To add to the vibrancy of the conversation, the odd poet or word, musician or note, artist or colour palette shows up – messengers of such delight, adding energy that excites.
Leaning into what uplifts and deeply moves her, and the energy of vibrating colours and layers of varied mark- making, we are brought to a place where time stands still.
A moment we can capture and savour – a blend of affinity and focus.

Van Stolk explains, “I work with flow, leveraging off memories, feelings and emotions – so present in the moment when nothing else matters. It becomes a game of giving and receiving. When this happens I have found my way”

Captured by the magic and alive in the mystery.


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