A Solo Exhibition


“The series of artworks explore a similar aesthetic with variants in colors, stiches and textures. Materials include thread that I have been given a long time ago and recently. It has a collective history of the women who have donated these materials.

This is the last edition that I will be making as an ode to women who have stood with me. They have supported me through difficult times, and I now feel a sense of independence as a result of the generosity of support. This body of work feels like it is at a stage of transition.

Certain features of the person referenced has been included to allude to the identity of the person and more so to capture their personality.

The scotch hessian used as the base of the artwork has been discontinued and I am no longer able to procure it, further echoing the need to come to closure with this series. The checker pattern reminds me of my own childhood as well as teaching my daughters as a parent. A key feature in the stitches is the bull knot which for me is a symbol of a stitch that stands on its own and also stands out. They are solid and grounded and represent women both as the individual and the collective.”


Please join us for the opening of Lerato Motau’s first solo exhibition with
AITY Gallery Franschhoek, Sunday 21st of August at 11am.

21 August 2022 – 16 September 2022


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