While I was growing up, all I could only think of is to eat, play and play and draw anything. Ask my mum. I was so different out of all. Weird isn’t it? Meanwhile, I was so un-seriously brilliant, difficult and stubborn to be understood by the people around me. Yes, I knew there was something more important that could liberate me from my miseries. Something that goes with my innate passion, that drives and defines the real me.

Several times I ponder about it. My goals, purpose, dreams and even my entire life. That life is so short. Man must live according to his specific role in the play of life. I ask myself maybe is the attention that wasn’t enough. Maybe I have been running another mans race. Till I finally got it right with art.

Art reframed to me as a way of escape. And I can’t thank my parent enough for their support and encouragement all through. Especially my mum who stood by me as a teacher quite understanding that I didn’t have an art teacher in the school I enrolled with. She encouraged me with the necessary drawing materials. In 1996, My first professional work ever was of a school wall display “mural” commissioned by my mum. With little experience or less experience I settled the job perfectly. That led to the kick off of my career as an artist. From murals to sign designs and then to illustration and portrait painting .

At this period things were a little bit good for me and challenging as per mixing art practice and schooling. Nevertheless I survived. After my secondary school I decided to study art further at the Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos. 2007, after my graduation as a fine artist specialized in painting I went into practicing of art and teaching art in secondary schools in Nasarawa and Lagos State. In 2013 I was working but bored because of my suffering art, day dreaming and planning the day I would make my move and pursue my dream of becoming a full-time artist.