Sarah Walmsley is a sculptor working in the mediums of bronze, glass and resin. Through these sculptures, she aims to represent women, by women, in the way that they have elected to be represented.

Sarah Walmsley has her Masters in Fine Art and has taken part in over 60 exhibitions nationwide, her artworks are in personal collections locally and internationally. She is the 2020 winner of the “All Womxn Matter” art competition hosted by Julie Miller African Contemporary Gallery and Art at Africa Gallery.

She has addressed themes of memory, absence and presence, loss and the female identity using the female body as an allegory and conduit for expression.

Her most recent body of work: “By Women, For Women”, includes portraits of inspiring women in her life.

Sarah Walmsley addresses the ways in which the female body has been represented in visual art and art history and reclaims subjects of female portraiture and the “female nude” through authentic, honest, and collaborative portraits of women by herself as a female artist. These portraits aim to honour and celebrate the power, strength and beauty of women and represent their intersectional and multi-faceted identities.