I was born in Johannesburg, but have lived most of my life in Cape Town and Asia. 

From an early age I had a natural drawing ability and was fascinated with the movement in both people, especially athletes, and animals which encouraged me to develop my artistic skills. 

My artistic career started at the UCT Ballet School, where I went on to dance professionally for a number of years with the CAPAB Ballet Company as well as appearing in the Academy Theatre’s production of West Side Story. 

After pursuing my dancing career, I steered my creative skills into the fashion clothing world, where I was involved in retail buying, fashion catalogues, clothing design and manufacturing. 

My fashion and clothing experience enabled me to gain international experience and to be based in the East for 17 years, where I had the good fortune of residing in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. 

Having had the opportunity to travel worldwide, I gained invaluable international exposure to the American, European and Asian Arts and Culture. This experience, together with my African roots, has had a profound influence on my art and broadened my outlook on life.


I firmly believe that an artist subconsciously draws from life’s experiences and develops a broader philosophy on life which is reflected in their work. 

One appreciates that despite differences in race, colour, language, beliefs, education and culture, we all share a similar DNA and Spirit. We all breathe the same air as we share this planet. Our daily lives and futures are ultimately tied in a common destiny. 

We live in a world of diminishing resources, which should be protected for future generations. One thing common to all cultures is the marvel of nature, and respect for the forces of nature which include extremes such as typhoons, earth quakes and tsunamis. This heightens our awareness of how short and transient our lives are and how fragile our very existence is. 

Although my painting style is continually developing, I often utilise the South African fynbos as a metaphor/analogy for this transient cycle of life. I fuse many colours highlighted in Gold to reflect my spiritual reverence of nature and as a symbol for the need for Mankind to strive towards a higher state of being and tolerance of each other. 

The “Fragment Series” interprets the magnification of our soil, which symbolises a need for deeper reflection of the footprint we leave on this earth. 

Through the liberal use of textures, colours and form I use different painting medias, such as charcoal, ink, acrylics and oils, in my paintings to encapsulate my great love of life, people and nature.