Olatundun Bimbo (b. August 1994, Oyo, Nigeria) is a contemporary Nigerian Artist, a Fine Arts teacher and a mentor. Bimbo makes use of an art style he named Alphabetism: drawing and painting with meaningful sentences. In May 2014, Bimbo graduated as a painter from Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo, Nigeria. In 2015, he got a direct entry admission into the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University where he also majored in painting and graduated with second class (upper division) honor. 

Artist biography

Olatundun Bimbo started using Alphabetism in 2015. He makes use of blue and red pen to illustrate his idea on paper using meaningful sentences. The drawing technique was officially accepted and he was allowed to use it in executing his school assignments and projects. In December 2020, Bimbo got employed as a Fine Art teacher in one of the government secondary schools in Oyo state, and he is giving online private mentorship to those who have interest in learning Fine Art. He has also been on publications likewise do collaborations in art related matters. Olatundun Bimbo aim is to use his art to preach unity, peace and love to the world.


As a professionally trained artist, I used to paint with many colors and I am well versed in the use of most materials but eventually found solace in the use of RED and BLUE.
Currently, I am thus exclusively using these two colors in pen format on paper and acrylic on canvas to illustrate my ideas. There is a certain philosophic value to these colors Although it is generally accepted that every colour has his own traditional meaning to it and each can be classified into both positive and negative. In the Yoruba tribe, Blue has a positive meaning and reflects the sky which is peaceful, cool, calming and heavenly while RED tends to reflects positive and negative meaning such as excitement, passion, danger, energy, and action.



My works and ideas reflect the contrast between RED and BLUE just like many topics and ideas often times reflect two sides of the same coin or the idea of Ying and Yang often referred to in the West. I execute my art in a style I have coined as Alphabetism which is drawing or painting with meaningful words and sentences that are related to the subject, title and essence of my drawing to enhance the emotional feelings that is to be brought out in the viewer. My subject matter can span historical matters, current events or be futuristic in nature.