I am originally from Cape Town, where I studied Graphic Design (Cape Technikon 1991), majoring in Printmaking and Photography.

Artist biography

In 1993 I moved to the Little Karoo with my then-future husband, a nature conservator, and lived on a remote nature reserve (Gamkaberg) for 23 years. My life was explosively filled with exploring my new environment – and beyond -, with painting and conservation projects.

I home-schooled our children and published a book ’52 Ways To Grow Creative Children’ (Jacana, 2008). In 2017 we relocated with our 2 teenage daughters to Oudtshoorn, where I now have a studio.


This lifestyle of being immersed in nature has had a great influence on my work and the way I see the world. I am passionate about the environment and natural living. Reducing our family’s footprint and environmental impact, and in my studio practise, has been a focus for many years. It takes great effort to be mindful within the manner that society currently functions.


I began painting watercolours in earnest in 1985 at the age of 15 and oils in 2001. My graphic design background (pre digital technology) shaped the way I see everyday scenes around me as a graphic interplay of light, colours and shapes. I am constantly aware of the striking and the subtle patterns within these elements and of the tensions and energies created between shapes and lines and relate these aspects within my compositions to inspire emotion.