‘In these images of plants, colour is a device that denotes joy, and marks that (im)perceptible surge of love that occurs when the subtle connections between living things – between plant person and human person, between parent and plant baby, between growing person and plant teacher – are recognised and honoured.

Akin to the indoor plant movement prevalent in the 1970s, linked to the rise of Organicism as a lifestyle philosophy, today’s homes have brought even more plants indoors, in a more directed way, than ever. Social Media abounds with botanical styling, numerous pot plant #tags and masterclasses on how to style your plant babies for the urban jungles of now.

In this we can read so many things – reverence for nature, heightened awareness of greening and green issues, the place for plant therapy as an antidote to digital disconnection, and the need to express care and nurture growth and positivity. These paintings embrace all of this – from observing the macro trend to participating in it, and depicting a family of plant babies at home.’