I live in the misty hills and valley of Assagay, just outside of Durban, South Africa on a beautiful property called Hope Streams with my husband Patrick and my handsome Bullmastiff and studio companion named Hugo.

I have been exhibiting both locally and internationally since 2002. 


I am interested in the concept of ‘Transition’; of moving beyond or through a context; be it an emotional or physical state. The works of ‘Mixed Media’ result from a process of oil painting and objects-found and are often embedded in resin. I have a fascination with ‘time’ and ‘dimension’ and the existence ‘beyond’ these concepts. I will often include bits of shredded map, thread, collected South African stamps, and the roman numerals of ‘X, V, i, ii and iii’ .  The figure represents the universal pilgrim.


My work shifts between the traditional medium of oil on canvas, and mixed media, collage and assembly. I love the vastness of landscapes and the magic found in forests.

A key theme in all my work is of the pilgrim, walking along either urban roads or rural paths.

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