Kyle Jardine (b. 1986 ) in Cape Town is a self-taught artist, illustrator & now ceramicist( BA performance & licentiate in musical theatre ).
In his discernibly quirky and playful style, Jardine explores a world that encompasses joyful, innocent & queer themes, acknowledging lesser represented factions. Drawing from his experience in stage performance, drag culture and his queer identity, Jardine constructs a beautifully wild, weird and fantastical safe space to immerse oneself in.

Jardine’s paintings have a tactile element that have assisted him in translating his visual work into the physical form. Through his journey with clay, Jardine has begun to mould his visual imagination into tangible form, bringing to life these intentional & naively-influenced, hand-painted vessels, showcasing subtle nods to his queer identity as an artist.

His instinctive & organic approach to hand building his vessels have brought to life his perfectly imperfect pieces. Flowing lines & asymmetrical shapes are the essence of his quirky, theatrical nature.

His interior scenes stem from his background in story telling where characters, scenes & motifs come to life. His works are confessions of mysterious encounters . The decor, detail & furnishings allude to the peculiar lives of people we want to know.

His use of colour throughout his work, along with characters, print & patterns flow from canvas to vessel with ease, highlighting his influence from the world of fashion, costume design & all things theatrical. Inspired to seek out the joyous moments in life, there is an ease in soaking up his creations. The artists motivation is clear, in that he doesn’t take life too seriously and, why would you want to when you’re immersed in his playful imaginative creations?