Joseph Benistant (b.1999, FR) is a self-taught French-South African artist currently based in Cape Town.

His unique background rooted in dual cultures serves as a wellspring of inspiration. He passionately delves into the crossroads of African and European aesthetics, resulting in a distinctive artistic style. 

Joseph’s work is characterised by graphic elements, minimalistic design, and vibrant colours that breathe life into the abstract forms. He works with acrylic on canvas.



Observing the eloquence of movement in people’s arms and hands whilst communicating, I seek to explore the profound emotions they can convey through their abstract depiction.

The accessibility and decisiveness of the acrylics I use allows the boldness of colours and simplicity of form to stand out, creating an environment ripe for compositional experimentation. Inspired by elements of printmaking and the elegance of line work, I aim to maintain an air of playfulness as I create a visual language. This is my attempt to echo the expressive beauty found in the gestures of human communication. 

Influenced by:  jean dubuffet- Portia Zvavahera- Pablo Picasso-Jean Michel Basquiat- Henri Matisse and Jade Fadojutimi