Where did it all begin?

Sometimes circumstances bring on pressure, and pressure brings on an Odyssey of creative thoughts, a voyage marked by many changes. 

An intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest.

An Odyssey of self-discovery a spiritual Odyssey from disbelieve to faith. 

Artist biography


African Odyssey is a body of work of Du Plessis’s, that shows the visualization of the unconscious identity, his experiences in an abstract form. It projects an abundance of color with indescribable technique.

Johannes du Plessis an experienced artists with a demonstrated history of working in the fine arts, painting sculpture and photography. Strong professional with a HND sculpture and drawing. 


“By encouragement, a process hidden below the surface. Grasping thoughts by nights. Express him in creations that surpass the unsensational spoken word. Dig deep in the unknown of isolation. The use of your imagination.” 

Johannes Du Plessis.