Growing up in Bridgetown, Athlone has been an integral root system which has allowed me to branch into the unknown without fear. Athlone is a rural suburb in Cape Town, ridden with gang violence, kidnappings, high drug consumption and very low morale, but in the same breath, the community is tight knit and the potential for greatness I feel is just around the corner.

Artist biography

My name is Jariiid, I grew up in an environment where there weren’t many positive role models to look up to, so I challenged myself to become one. I exhibited at various galleries in Cape Town and created events for other artists to showcase their art too.  

Purpose of iii

The purpose of “iii” (imagination inspires innovation) is to unite cultures, people, and promote unity. This innate calling led me to embark on a pilgrimage in search of Ubuntu, starting in Cape Town, South Africa and finishing in Harare, Zimbabwe.

I’ve faced my fair share of challenges in Athlone which has equipped me mentally, physically, emotionally and thanks to the kindness, patience and strength displayed by my grandmother, spiritually. My goal is to create and educate at the same time. There is a major rift between the rich and poor, not only between classes, but also races.

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