HAKOPIKE (Amy-Leigh Braff)


Amy-Leigh Braaf, a South African artist, intricately weaves her mixed Cape Malay and Indonesian heritage into artworks that celebrate self-discovery, cultural lineage, and timeless narratives. Through her pieces, Braaf masterfully navigates the intricate dance between past, present, and eternity, inviting viewers to explore their own connections to ancestral tales. Her art is a resounding ode to the human experience, drawing inspiration from the nation’s rich flora and fauna. 

Braaf’s evocative exploration of womanhood and heritage takes center stage in her renowned work “Celestial Deities, challenging conventional norms and infusing them with a contemporary and empowering essence. 

Another creation, “Bye Bye Bokkie, delves deep into the complex fabric of human bonds, reflecting her ability to capture intricate emotions within her art. With a thriving career, Braaf’s artistry has transcended borders through international exhibitions and residencies, notably in Japan and Bali in 2023. These experiences have enriched her artistic perspective, infusing her work with diverse cultural influences.

Amy-Leigh Braaf’s artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of art in unraveling heritage, identity, and universal connections. Her ability to merge personal experience with broader themes creates a compelling and resonant body of work that continues to captivate her audience through story-telling.