This series of artworks was born  on the full moon eclipse this year 2021

It has been an intense experience focusing on what it means to really remain in the eye of the storm when all that surrounds us is a series of what feels like apocalyptic events. What this work has forced me to address, is the question of what does it take to master the skill to continuously return to the eye of the storm inorder to harness calm and focus.

At a time where anxiety, stress, depression is becoming vital to address what it takes to remain at the eye of the storminorder for all of us to make inspiring, creative, right choices to go forward gracefully.

Artist statement

In a time where the storm of climate change is brewing and beckoning us to change. What must change now?

It is satisfying to find ways to recycle my studio waste. I have been collecting my used mixing sticks for a year as well as all excess material waste, My attempt to inspire new ways of seeing waste.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” #alberteinstein

In the black centre symbolizing the pupil of the eye,- is a small face with closed eyes.

Finding stillness within, we become alchemists turning destruction into gold, and freedom.

“Alchemy: changing the frequency of thought. Altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the element of Love to create a desired result”

All is Love, if it is not Love it is a cry for Love.