FACES & PHASES by Solomon Omogboye

Faces and phases expresses the person’s physicality in diverse encounters in a process of change in a period of life. In this body of work “Faces and Phases” exudes what audacious hope looks like in the face of unavoidable disruption.

Solomon is interested in how we humans see ourselves and why we might portray an image that belies our true nature. “I play with combining flattened and dimensional figures in the same composition to challenge the viewers sense of reality. The hope is that the viewer recognizes something in the distorted images that reflects our common struggles, fragility and humanity”.

Omogboye describes his conceptual process as one of “breaking down the overall composition into the separate elements that harness human emotion”, and he is enthused by the way “even the smallest changes in each affect the mood and feeling of the work”. Omogboye sees each subject as a synergy of intense, complex aspects that perfectly capture and preserve emotion, sensitivity, expression, concern, and wonder. Finding beauty in every circumstances is a personal quest for him. There are different ways to look but there should be a different way to see …

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