DIVING DEEP & FLYING HIGH is Helen van Stolk’s fourth solo exhibition.

Please join us on Saturday 20th March from 11.30am for the opening.

In this new series of abstract work, van Stolk escapes into stories, leans into her curiosity and lets intuitive nudges and signs lead to treasure.

Artist voices from the past influence her, floating in and out, adding their commentary on her choice of colours and shapes.   Then, the flutter of birds shows up, humouring her with their daring ingenious designs.    “How can we not be featured?”, they say.

Diving into the luxuriousness of it all, van Stolk captures the generous and abundantly flamboyant inspirations nature offers her,  setting her free to explore new horizons in this body of work.

Each painting has its own vibration, its own energy that elevates the human spirit.   It is in diving deep, into her thoughts and emotions, that she is able to take her work to new heights.   Stepping back from large works that capture a distant, almost aerial view, you are able to see the bigger picture before diving down deeper to view the layered nuances in each piece.

Reaching new depths of exploration to reach new heights, van Stolk works with an accepting knowledge that both polarities and everything in between are exactly where she is meant to be.

Digital catalogue will be available from 18th March and please email us to join the list to receive this.