CARPE LIBRUM by Kevin Collins

(Seize the Book)

12 short stories in paint

An exhibition of work which was evoked by my memory of reading these books over the last 60 years. I believe that Art and Literature are bound together in several ways. Great works of art have inspired great works of literature, great works of literature have inspired art, and together art and literature have simultaneously represented similar movements. Art and literature can be seen weaving around each other, influencing one and another.

My reading has been extremely varied and often random but consistent over my lifetime; these paintings here are a selection of works which sprung from characters, thoughts, phrases or even just how influential these books or essays were at certain points in my life. They are not a description of the book or its contents and not even a commentary on the writers but simply from my thoughts that sprung from reading these books.

17 May – 07 June 2024